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After dedicating time and effort, the site has been successfully launched and is now accessible to the public online. The combination of WordPress and Oxygen Builder has allowed for a robust and customized website that meets my specific needs.
The needs were to organize and structure the journal articles or papers with as much customization as possible, as can be seen on this website.

Oxygen Builder

I highly recommend using Oxygen Builder for website development, as it offers a unique experience that combines the benefits of coding with the ease of a graphical interface. The interface is designed in a way that resembles the code structure of a webpage, allowing for more intricate customization beyond what's possible with other builders that offer simpler graphical solutions.
One of the key features of Oxygen Builder is the tree structure on the right side of the interface that represents the webpage content. This allows for the easy addition of conditional structures and dynamic data that can be built in just a few steps. Additionally, the builder offers a level of personalization that extends beyond presets, giving users complete control without requiring them to know how to code. However, for those who do have coding skills, the option to write code is always present.
Link of the Oxygen builder
Note that I do not receive any commission or advantage from inserting this link. I have inserted it because I am grateful for finding this solution and I recommend that all my colleagues use it.
Supercontinuum on a Mirror. Nice color spectra. Image cut
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This website has been created using Wordpress and the Oxygen builder. To achieve parallax effects, the Vanilla Javascript Parallax Library 'Rellax' (Dixon & Moe) was utilized. Most of the graphical content, such as icons and images, has been created specifically for this website, with the exception of the link favicons and journal copyright material, which have been used with permission from their respective publishers. If there are any questions ir problems regarding permissions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for visiting my Website.
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