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Vespa Faro Basso model: vacanze romane, 1952. Modification colour and front lamp

Vespa Faro Basso - Vacanze Romane

This is the first Vespa produced in the Spanish factory of Piaggio, Motovespa, in 1953. The model is almost equal to VM33 and could be named VM34. This is the scooter of the film "Vacanze Romane" or in English "Roman Holidays". In this film, a sister of this vespa has been driven by Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.
The difference from the Italian one is the number of parts of the chassis. In 1951 and 1952 the vespa start the production of monochassis, however this Spanish model is formed by two parts, as the previous Italian 1949 and 1950 ones ("Vespa cambio bacchetta).
In particular this vespa has two main external modifications and personalisations from the original one: the colour and the lamp that corresponds to the next model. Additionally the rubber shows a white band in contrast with the full black original one. 
I have to acknowledge Pedro Ruiz, an amazing mechanic professional and great friend. Without him I could neither finish nor start this project.
I will update this post in the future.
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