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Search PhP code working

When it comes to a website that is focused on research articles, having a functional search feature is essential. With such a vast array of content available, users need to be able to easily and quickly locate the information they are looking for. A search function allows users to enter relevant keywords and receive a list of articles that match their search criteria. Without a search function, users would have to manually sift through the website's content, which could be a time-consuming and frustrating process. A well-designed search function can make all the difference in providing a positive user experience and ensuring that users can easily access the articles they need. Therefore, it is crucial to include a functional search feature on a website dedicated to research articles.
I have created a small and simple script for webpage search functionality, and it is now operational.
See how it works

Code for searching WordPress posts within a specific tag and category.

I'm not an expert of php coding, but I have posted in my donwload section a code that I have used.
Go to the post (about the search code) located in the download area
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